Allegory of Tulipomania

Monkeys in contemporary 17th century Dutch dress are shown dealing in tulips. A satirical commentary on speculators during the time of “Tulip Mania”, an economic bubble that centered around rare tulip bulbs. At left, one monkey points to flowering tulips while another holds up a tulip and a moneybag. Bulbs are weighed, money is counted,… Continue reading Allegory of Tulipomania

Flora’s Wagon of Fools

The flower goddess Flora, with tulips in her hand, is enthroned on a triumphal chariot, here represented as a carnival cart. She is accompanied by three men in fool’s caps. ‘Tosspot’ cannot resist drink, ‘Wealthwill’ clutches a bag of gold, and ‘Lie-all’ exercises his smooth tongue. Mistress ‘Rake-it-in’ weighs her money, and the bird of… Continue reading Flora’s Wagon of Fools